Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

                          Puppies and Litter Plans



It has been over 14 years since Woodcreek had their first litter. It is with sadness we have made the decision to stop breeding and have no further litter plans.


Thank you to those who have made Woodcreek part of their family over the years. It has been an amazing journey.   





Please see below for more information about our puppies.

 These puppies are from our first litter in 2006.


Here at Woodcreek we believe in quality over quantity on only breed occasionally.

Before breeding a litter we ensure the parents are healthy and have had health clearances performed. It is very important to me to ensure I am giving puppies the best chance by breeding healthy parents.

Our puppies are born and raised in our living room. Once they are older they are moved to a larger puppy play pen that is set up so the puppies can see what's going on in all the rooms on our main floor. The puppies are socialized with children, other dogs and meet a variety of people. The puppies are also given extra play time where I like to set up a variety of surfaces and toys for the puppies to experience. While we have only dabbled a little in field training, puppies are also given wings to carry around and get the feeling of feathers in their mouth.

Puppy homes are required to take a minimum of two obedience or similar training classes, including one puppy class and one additional class such as pet manners, rally-o, agility, obedience. The classes not only teach you to train your puppy, they also lay the ground work for a long and happy relationship with a well behaved and well socialized furry family member.


 Our youngest son with puppies from our 2006 litter.

Puppies start leaving from 9 weeks of age. Before leaving they will have had their first vet visit. All pet puppies are sold with a non-breeding agreement and spay/neuter contract. Any show or performance puppies will go on a non-breeding agreement that can be lifted at a later date provided conditions are met with regards to health, temperament, conformation, etc. Puppies will be CKC registered and come with a health guarantee and a puppy pack that includes; six weeks free insurance (in Canada), basic puppy care information, vet record, a copy of your paperwork and items to make the first few days easier. 

Before bringing a puppy into your home, make sure you are ready for the responsibilities and commitment required to raise a puppy. Be honest about whether you really want to give up or change a current lifestyle. Do you have time to walk each day for up to an hour, plus play, training, feeding and grooming. Can you attend classes one or more evenings per week or weekend for 12 or more weeks? If your answer is no to any of these, you likely aren't ready or have time to properly care for a dog. I frequently hear that getting a puppy changes one's life completely, both positive and negative. When you are ready for it, it is very rewarding.