Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

                                                                       CH Woodcreek's Little Trickster CGN, RN - "RUSE"

Ruse New Champion
 Born September 14, 2012 
Ruse is the pick female puppy from our Ashes/Toffee litter. She is a sweet, out going girl with a lot of personality and incredible drive to retrieve. She loves swimming and retrieving from the water. Ruse is fun to train and will work for food, praise and best of all (to her) toys. Did I mention retrieving is her favorite thing to do. She is definitely a Toller who will happily retrieve and keep going even after I say stop. 
Ruse initially did very well in conformation and picked up her first six points quickly. She then hit an awkward adolescent stage in her development and it was a full year before she picked up two more points. Finally in January 2015 she got her last two points to finish her conformation title. We did a little better with obedience training and in that time Ruse got her Canine Good Neighbour title, Rally Novice title and one leg toward her Pre-Novice title. We need to do some more work with her on focus in her heeling and plan to work toward her Companion Dog obedience title in 2016.
Ruse is taking some time off to raise her first litter born at the end of September, 2015. She has been a fantastic mom and I look forward to seeing these puppies grow.